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Dog Training Events

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Activity Weekend 2020

We are pleased to announce that our AGM/Seminar weekend has been set and will take place on the weekend of the

30th and 31st May 2020 at Moulton College, Northamptonshire, NN3 7RR.


Following member feedback, it will be taking on a different format to previous years and we hope to include CPD based seminars, practicals and lectures. We will post further info here soon, but for now, please save the date - Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st May in your diary. 




This is a great opportunity for you to lean all about Hoopers.  If you are a dog trainer or experienced handler you may want to introduce this new activity as an additional class or something different to your existing classes.  Join Carrie – Ann Selwen and learn how to design courses and take classes. Both days are very practical and hands-on style workshops.





Understanding The Modern Dog
Ann Bond - Qualified Tutor, Behaviourist & APDT Member

‘Ann’s courses are fabulous, she is thorough and at the same time easy to understand, she makes learning fun! A brilliant source of canine information, I would definitely recommend Ann to anyone wanting to gain info to help with their work  or just to learn more about your own pooch’ - Sara Stewart (2017 student).

Day 1 – All About Puppies -19.10.19
Canine Development Stages
Responsible versus Irresponsible Breeding
Which Puppy, when!
Puppy Socialisation – advantages and pitfalls!
Natural Puppy behaviour – conflict and training

Day 2 – Canine Communication – 16.11.19
Calming Signals- Reading body language.
Understanding - Sounds, scent, sight
Misinterpreting communication
Observation visit to local rescue centre.

Day 3 – Canine Learning and Adolescence - 07.12.19
Different Canine Learning Styles
Matching training styles to improve behaviour
Adolescence – The Teenage Years!
Unwanted behaviours and positive solutions

Day 4 – Canine Nutrition – 11.01.20

Essential Nutrients for the dog to maintain health
Understanding Food Labels – what’s in the box!
Supplements and Herbal remedies – Guest Speaker
Food Related problem behaviour.


Certificates issued on completion

Location:    Milborne St Andrew, Dorset,  DT11 OJA (free parking)                                     

Time:          Saturdays - 9.15am to 4.15pm (refreshments provided)

Cost: - £50.00 per day or £180.00 if all 4 days booked together.     Includes: Handouts, drinks, biscuits and cake! 01305 832569