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Dog Training Courses


Venue: Moulton College, Northampton

Foundation course to include:

  • Class planning – venue, exercises, equipment
  • Learning Theory - Understanding how a dog learns
  • Presentation - delivering your message in a professional way
  • Communication - how to make sure that what you say is understood by your owners
  • Challenging dogs and owners - how to deal with some common problems in class
  • Equipment - what is available, what should you recommend (or avoid) and why
  • How to teach various exercises - basic exercises explained, and how to progress them
  • Diet - understand what is in various dog foods
  • Teaching the disabled owner - how to adapt exercises to the physical needs of your owners
  • Plus other subjects

Advanced course to include:

  • Progressing exercises - taking it to the next level, and ensuring the dog really understands
  • Stress in dogs and owners - recognising stress, dealing with it and avoiding it
  • Diet and effects on behaviour - 'you are what you eat' and so is your dog.
  • Health problems - be aware of a dog's health problems, and avoid adding to them
  • Training the assistance dog - fun exercises for dog and owner
  • Breed specific challenges – understanding the need for different approaches
  • Reviewing the class - are your classes the best they can be?
  • Plus other subjects

Part Two

Part Two is only available to people who have passed the Foundation course.  Students will study the Advanced course except for sessions that are duplicated from Foundation (ie Diet, Health, Marketing) when they will be taught other subjects.

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Train your dog online

In only 4 weeks you will discover just how easy it is to train your own dog.

Suitable for all dogs no matter what breed.

For further details please click on the link: Online dog training by Sarah Whitehead

Think Dog

Whether you dream of launching a new career in animal behaviour and training, or are simply fascinated by the subject, Alpha Education courses offer a chance to gain education and experience at your own pace.

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Canine Psychology Courses

Understanding the Modern Dog with Ann Bond
Canine Psychology Course part 1 (an Introduction)

A Journey Through the Ages with Ann Bond
Canine Psychology Course part 2

A Journey Deeper into the dogs Mind with Ann Bond
Canine Psychology Course part 3

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Accredited training courses in Dog Training, Care and Welfare in partnership with Agored Cymru. For people who are furthest from the job market and also the general public.

For further details please click on the link: Training Courses in Wales