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APDT Pet Dog Training Instructor’s Courses 2018

Residential Courses

Our instructor's courses consist of two residential long weekends (Thursday -Sunday).  Because there is so much information that you need, the course is primarily classroom based with a one and a half to two hours practical session each day.  Homework - in the form of essays - will need to be completed after each weekend.  You must attend the college on both weekends, and submit your homework, to complete the course.

What do you get for your course fee?

  • Tuition from experienced Association Pet Dog Trainers members
  • Accommodation in Halls of Residence for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night
  • Cooked breakfast, light lunch, dinner; tea, coffee and biscuits throughout the day
  • Support from tutors both in and away from class while staying at Moulton
  • Maximum 25 students per class
  • Opportunity to socialise with like-minded people
  • Homework – this is an important way to consolidate what you have learnt, highlight any gaps in your understanding, and encourage you to ‘read around’ the subjects.
  • Access to the Association Pet Dog Trainers Student Library from registration until the end of your course.You just have to pay return postage
  • Facebook and email support while on the course and for as long as you need afterwards


After each residential weekend you will receive homework.

Once you are registered we will send you the course reading list.  We ask you to complete the reading list by the end of the second weekend, but some – like learning theory books – will be particularly useful in answering your first weekend’s homework.  Access to the Association Pet Dog Trainers  Student’s Library is included in the course fee, you just have to pay postage to return the books.

We have a FAQ's section on our website which will answer all your questions.


​Student quotes for last years course

    • 'Nice range of backgrounds and knowledgeable staff'
    • 'Lovely small groups'
    • 'I learnt lots, particularly different methods of teaching exercises'
    • 'The instructors were very helpful and approachable'
    • 'The business session gave me loads of information about how to go about achieving my goals'
    • 'Opportunities to work with other students and tutors'
    • 'Liked the Practicals to practice and improve'
    • 'Liked the evening activities, it was nice to see the tutors in a more informal setting.'
    • 'I loved the variety of subjects'
    • 'Friendly, confidence-building tutors'
    • 'Allowing people time and practice to start speaking in front of people'
    • 'Great atmosphere - very informative but given in a relaxed way'
    • 'Entertaining and knowledgeable tutors'
    • 'Re-ignited my passion for learning'
    • 'The supportiveness of the groups is definitely pivotal to the weekend.'
    • 'Great support from tutors and other students'
    • 'Being able to be as involved as I want to be and not feeling pressured into anything'
    • 'Fabulous instructors'
    • 'Great balance between practicals and information'
    • 'Meeting like minded people'